My Sunday Photo

You might think this is just another photo collage of my lovely Smiley daughter B. And you would be right. But there’s a heartwarming story behind it too. It was our third visit to the Lovely Food Company in Drumcondra and another big match day so B and I were happy to sit in the shade on a hot day, watch the excited crowds heading for Croke Park, and soak up atmosphere. The yummy coffee and cheesecake was an added bonus! The staff must’ve been exhausted with all the visitors, but they all smiled at my daughter as they passed, and then one young woman offered me some water.

I said “Yes, please!” as you do on a hot day.

But she returned to our table with two glasses, one for me and one for my daughter, with the bendy straw that B needs to drink anything. I didn’t tell her, but someone had remembered from our previous visits.

It’s the little things isn’t it?

Lovely Food Company,




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