Reasons to be cheerful 19.8.16

It’s been a very sociable week with visitors at the weekend, and all of us getting to spend time with friends during the past few days. The week also included these reasons to be cheerful:

Cycling in the Phoenix Park with one of my teenagers.

Trying out new dinner recipes, and then watching my children put their empty plates in the dishwasher!

The living window is no longer painted shut, now I’m ready for the next heatwave ha ha.

Spotting an ad for two part time professional jobs. So they are still out there, and eventually I hope to be in a position to apply for one.

As you may know my daughter B is on a two year transition programme for young adults with disabilities. One of her friends graduates today and I heard this morning that he has been offered a place on another similar programme, which means there is hope for B that she won’t just be dumped in the community when she finishes next year.

And finally, in case you missed it (you didn’t, did you?), B and I enjoyed a wonderful day trip to the country on Tuesday.

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6 thoughts on “Reasons to be cheerful 19.8.16

  1. Such lovely reasons to be cheerful, both this week and looking to the future 🙂
    Yes, I did miss your day in the (very familiar to me) country, it was on my must read list do and now I’m off to do just that! xx

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