Making changes

It’s time to make some changes around here. I’m starting to emerge from the cloud of the past five years and hoping that the future will indeed need shades. I am feeling happier. My life isn’t that different, but I seem to be coping better. No miracles, no meds and no CBT: I suspect my hormones may be finally getting a bit more balanced…

It’s time to be brave, to overcome fears, to take on new challenges, and to live up to my principles, especially as I display them so publicly on social media! I want to be more than a keyboard warrior, but I have to be realistic about how much I can manage. It has to be on my own terms and in my own time.

I also need to plan for the future. Will I stay, or will I go? This house has been adapted for my daughter but it will be too big and too unmanageable for the two of us eventually. Could I take in lodgers? How would I get over my fear of having strangers in the house? I’ve even been feeling guilty about having a barely used spare room when there are so many students in the city without accommodation..

But then what student would want to live in this crazy special needs home?

Well I got my answer from one post on Facebook.

A special needs mum and friend was looking for Monday to Friday accommodation for her son. That sounded perfect. He wouldn’t be a stranger, not really, he would understand how things are here, and I wouldn’t have to be explaining and apologising every few minutes.

He arrived last night and so far all is well.

Having someone else in the house will hopefully change the dynamic and be a positive thing for all of us.

In return I hope I can be a good landlady. It’s a whole new challenge…


11 thoughts on “Making changes

  1. Oh I do love a good challenge! I think it’s really good to challenge ourselves as we get older, both physically and mentally. In a relatively sensible fashion of course, always listening to the cues our bodies give us. And you are absolutely right to do everything on your terms. So glad things seem brighter in your world and the best of luck with your new lodger. How exciting!
    PS – It was SO lovely to catch up with you this morning 🙂 xx

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  2. Good luck with the lodger. I thought this post was going to end differently with you finding a lodger who could help with B in return for a lower rent and you getting some more time to do other things. Either way, I’ve done the lodger thing and it’s great if you get the right person.

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