Reasons to be cheerful 16.9.16

The trick this week is finding some reasons to be cheerful that don’t involve my eldest and youngest; both of whom I vowed not to mention on here. Anyway you may as well know that they both have reasons to be cheerful of their own this week…

As for me and my daughter, well we celebrated along with them by watching them eat pizza (more significant than I can tell you!) and we’re enjoying adjusting to home life with a student lodger, especially as it’s given me the excuse I needed to organise a bit more help around the house. And there’s more too:

The bean bag

One of the things that causes sadness and difficulty in many special needs families is presents. Sometimes it’s because the presents are for a much younger child, sometimes because it’s so easy to get it wrong (so everyone buys them pyjamas and teddies just to be on the safe side) and sometimes you just can’t think of anything.

Last Christmas I went to town for B and she got lots of presents. But some she didn’t like, some broke straight away (damn you amazon) and one got left in the box for 6 months…

That was the bean bag. I was advised to make an internal bag for the filling so I could wash the cover (that was before I got the sewing machine!) And I also needed another person to help me fill it with the beads, and of course whenever I wanted to do this, no-one could be found…

It was done eventually over the summer. And then she didn’t seem to take to it! But finally this week, I found a use for it, hopefully the first of many. (This is not torture, it’s called working on her head control! And I let her off when she tells me she’s had enough. And she has a favourite DVD to watch.)



A stressful morning waiting for results became a reason to be cheerful when it made me appreciate the thoughtfulness, kindness and support from so many friends. Then they joined in the celebrations later on-line ☺Don’t ever say that Facebook and Twitter friends can’t become friends in real life too!

And because I couldn’t settle at all for those few hours, I ended up with a very clean kitchen…

Magic plasters

A friend of mine had been singing the praises of a particular brand of plaster that apparently never come off, no matter how many times you wash your hands. In this house that’s hundreds of times a day. These plasters are only available from one shop in Dublin seemingly, and on her weekly visit to help with B’s exercises, she gave me a packet. The very next day my hand slipped while sharpening a knife and the plasters have been properly road tested, and I can confirm that they really are magic!

Linking up with Michelle at Mummy from the Heart for Reasons to be Cheerful once again.


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