My annual pilgrimage to Rush

Let’s just say I have not been as happy as I was in recent weeks. Once again I needed to escape my home life for a few hours and there was just one place that called to me, as it has for the past few years since I left Wexford behind. Rush is a small town in North County Dublin with the sea on one side and market gardens on the other. Just half an hour from Dublin, its sleepy sandy streets and quiet harbour are a world away from the bustling city.



Jumping in the car and leaving for Rush as soon as the children have gone to school has become an annual pilgrimage every September. Usually undertaken the day that school begins, but I had been too busy until this week when a trip to the physiotherapist for another back problem resulted in advice to pause the running and gym and do a bit of walking instead.

As I drove north the dark clouds began to lift. In the sky and in my mind. Nor am I ashamed to say I felt a surge of excitement as I saw my first glimpse of the sea between the hedges of the narrowing country roads. Then the feeling of relief and content as I shut the car door and headed onto the North Beach, enjoying the fresh air and solitude, kicking up the salt water and scattering the gulls.


Sometimes I think of moving to Rush as I love the sea so much. But then it would no longer be my place of escape.

Just one small thing. Why are the public toilets never open any more??? Note to self, just go to Tesco next time… And maybe next time, I can stay longer than an hour.


But what an hour! Definitely enough of a reason to be cheerful for this week. Head on over to Mummy from the Heart for more.


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