The further confessions of a coffee junkie

Reprinted with permission from a guest post I wrote for the award-winning and wonderful SAHM And Loving It blog back in 2012. The blog’s author, Heather, is now involved in a new health initiative for women, Know Your Normal, so that’s vaguely relevant to a post about coffee and healthy living (or not), don’t you think?

All those New Year’s Resolutions so quickly discarded.  Plans for healthy living and healthy diets give way to the comfort of coffee and cakes.  Because, let’s face it, most of us find that we cannot stick to resolutions that seem to involve giving up everything that we like. But I did successfully give up smoking in 2004 after waking up one morning with a horrible cough and sometimes I wonder about what else  I could give up and what I absolutely couldn’t.  And the answer is always the same:  I could give up anything before I give up coffee.

My love affair with the little brown bean began when I was a child.  I can remember looking longingly at the percolator bubbling away in the quiet room where we all ate breakfast – and read at the same time.  Finally,  one day when I was 11 or 12, a cup of milky coffee was passed down to my end of the table.

It was love at first sip.

When I was young I drank coffee with sugar, but I was able to give that up in my mid teens.  Once I hit the exam years, it was coffee that got me through.  And my four mugs of coffee a day still mark the hours as they pass by.  I’m not that fussy either: almost any coffee is better than no coffee.  Well apart from Camp Coffee, but perhaps I’m the only person who remembers that.

So why can’t I give it up?

Well coffee…

…wakes me in the morning

…warms me when I’m cold

…breaks up the day

…gets rid of stress headaches

…calms me down

…helps me prepare the dinner

…is shared with friends

…is an excuse to meet up and eat cake

…helps me to concentrate

…is a reward for doing something unpleasant

…helps me to cope with difficult phone calls

And another 100 things too.  What on earth would I do without it?

So is it just me? Is coffee important to you? Or is it tea? 




10 thoughts on “The further confessions of a coffee junkie

  1. I read this and thought, ‘Why?’ ‘Coffee?’ ‘Yeuk’ and then I realised I am exactly the same with tea. I drink gallons daily. So clink clink, tea to coffee cup.

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  2. I’m also a coffee person but I do like a cup of proper tea if someone else is making it for me or if I’m feeling delicate. I’ve cut down to three coffees a day, milk no sugar, but I don’t quite trust it as being healthful. In an ideal world I’d drink hot water with lemon but where’s the comfort in that? And I’d never wake up in the morning without my coffee.

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  3. Tea! I actually can’t stand the smell of coffee. When I lived in Germany one year and was outside working in freezing conditions, and all that was on offer was coffee, I still couldn’t drink it even though I was desperate for the warmth! So tea here. And still with sugar, couldn’t give that up…. 😌

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