Reasons to be Cheerful 30.9.16

R2BC at Mummy from the Heart

Another week of ups and downs, but I guess that’s to be expected… So this week I’ve tried to collect lots of random reasons to be cheerful and I think I’ve done pretty well…

My eldest held a small birthday party at the house on Saturday night, but I wasn’t worried. I sat like an old dear in the nook in the kitchen and all her friends stopped to chat when they popped in. It was lovely to catch up with them and their busy lives. The cleaning up was a doddle too.

A friend unexpectedly turning up at the Arch Club to help me after I announced on Facebook that I would be in charge.

My daughter B and I watched the X factor together – it sent her to sleep 😂😂, so we’ll be doing it again regularly, I think.

Sunday morning when B gives me the biggest sunniest smile ever when I put her breakfast on the table, and it wasn’t even on time.

After feeling very ill on Sunday afternoon, pushing on through and going to bed early, I had a really positive start to Monday morning and by 7 am I was caffeinated, showered and dressed, as was my daughter (with help), the floors were washed and clean clothes put away. I felt very productive. And by 9am, I had an empty house.

B trying some rice salad and actually eating a forkful (perhaps she thought there was something sweet in my bowl). She refused a second one though…

Getting the worn tyres and brake pads replaced on the car (another thing ticked off the list) and starting to research what I should buy next. I’d love something that would give B and I more options for outings, especially as we have two weddings to attend next year.

Going to the cinema with a friend to see the new Brigid Jones film – the last female in the family to do so: Even B has seen it with her adult service and apparently she loved it. And so did we!

I bought some new plates from Tesco so that I can hopefully put out matching sets when we have visitors now. And enjoy eating off them myself too..


The gorgeous light at this time of year has meant that I’ve snapped a few photos that I really like, such as this one – and the sky was grey a few minutes later.


Head over to Mummy From The Heart for more reasons to be cheerful.


8 thoughts on “Reasons to be Cheerful 30.9.16

  1. I love reading lots of reasons to be cheerful, the children all sound really happy which is great to hear. I still haven’t watched the new Bridget Jones, I’ve heard it’s good i will probably have to wait before I get a chance to see it! x

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