Thank you for treating my daughter like a princess

I couldn’t have written the script better myself.

Dressed in her favourite pink, my princess and I headed down to mingle with the crowds heading for the All Ireland replay match between Dublin and Mayo. Excitement was at fever pitch, motor traffic was at a standstill and the pavements weren’t much better. Exactly how my daughter likes it.

And despite the fact that the crowds were really there to support their teams, they treated my daughter as though she was the real reason they’d all descended on our part of Dublin. And for that I’d like to thank them.


From the gallant prince who exuberantly cleared the way ahead through the crowds egged on by his friends (retainers?).

To the bands that began playing just as we approached them.

To the lovely woman (loyal subject?) who gave a her a free teddy bear from her stall. Not just any teddy. It was a GAA Teddy, the perfect gift for a Dublin born princess on match day.

To the officials (footmen?) who allowed us through the barriers to Jones’ Road without a ticket.

To everyone who smiled.


You made my daughter feel like a princess today and a star in her very own fairy story.



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