Autumn 2016 style

I was still wearing summer T shirts just two weeks ago. Now the heating is back on, the second duvets are on the beds, new fingerless gloves have been bought and a perfect evening at home involves cosying up to a real fire with Netflix on the telly. This is Autumn 2016 style in this house.

And here’s our pick of current viewing:

Luke Cage


If you like Narcos, you may like Luke Cage, even though one is a drama documentary and the other is based on a Marvel Comic. There’s a nihilistic fatalism about both, living on the edge today, because you could be dead tomorrow.

I enjoy the desperation, the determination and the bravado of the different characters. Were the comics really like this? If so I clearly missed out.

Similar film techniques are used too: the crime boss is shown enjoying the entertainment in his club while the criminals who work for him kill and are killed out on the dark streets of Harlem.

Luke Cage goes from hero to zero as criminals and politicians combine to position him as the threat to community order, helped by YouTube and the power of those who upload to distort the full story by only showing part of what happened.

I’m loving it…

Death Note

My son recommends this anime series which is apparently one of the popular of all time even with people who don’t normally watch anime. This is his description of the series:

“It’s about a kid in secondary school, he’s not fond of life, he finds this book called the death note, if you write someone’s full name in it they will die.

“He begins with good intentions by killing criminals, but then he begins to kill others too and it affects his mental health and the serious charts the changes in his personality and decline in mental health.”

Justin Timberlake + The Tennessee Kids

You’ve worked out by now that my daughter B loves music, of all kinds. But she and Justin go waaaay back. For a while it was a toss up between Britney and Justin as to who she liked best. She still loves to watch him dance, and I’m sure she’ll really enjoy watching this concert movie. It’s available on Netflix from October 12th 2016.

Designated Survivor

Recommended by my eldest daughter (and it’s on my must watch list too) this show stars actress Maggie Q (from Nikita, which we both adored) as a cool FBI agent, as well as Keifer Sutherland and Natascha McElhone.

America’s fate rests in the hand of a low-level official after an attack on Washington decimates the government in this gripping political thriller (from Netflix).

Happy viewing!

Disclosure – I was a member of the Netflix stream team on my previous blog. Membership gave me free Netflix and other nice stuff.



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