Reasons to be cheerful 14.10.16

It’s been a much better week. So far almost everything has gone to plan, though a lot of deep breaths were involved. Less stress meant I found the energy to get out and do some exercise too. And some other things, like…

…Rehoming and decluttering my bone china with a friend who collects it.

…Part two of my empty the shed campaign went well, with another huge load of junk gone to recycling.

…Watching the X factor again with my very happy daughter.

…A Smiley reminder from her of why I continue helping to run the Rainbow Junior Arch Club.

…A sunny Sunday afternoon at the wonderful inaugural busker’s fleadh in Smithfield with B, who loved dancing to all the music.

…Controlling my nerves at a carer’s meeting and standing up to explain my daughter’s lifelong needs to the politicians who attended. I found it tough though, and was ill again for a while in the afternoon.

…A Monday morning that went to plan: I had an empty house by 10am and I was feeling well, definitely an added bonus. That’s continued all week, so the planned trip to the GP has been put on hold for now. The relief!

…Yesterday morning I felt angry and anxious, but I managed to channel it into something vaguely positive – cleaning the porch, a job that badly needed doing.

…The end of the humid summer weather means it’s finally worth straightening my hair again, and I get to wear my new hat too!

So those are my reasons to be cheerful for this week, what are yours?

More reasons to be cheerful over at Lakes Single Mum.



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