Twenty Years Young

My very special daughter celebrated her twentieth birthday last weekend. She’s still very young at heart and in every other way, thoroughly enjoying the Zumba party in aid of Temple Street Children’s Hospital that was the main event on the big day itself.


Obviously the celebrations didn’t end there. On Sunday we went to Malahide, a coastal village in North County Dublin for a potter around, and also because there was a ground floor flat with glorious sea views on sale (I’m thinking of our future here!). She loved the busyness of the place, and the way that so many people said hello. A very good sign, I think. As for me, I was a bit intimidated by all the smart thin women and the very posh supermarket on the high street…


Monday was Halloween. Trick or Treating was great fun with my eldest, but never worked too well for the younger two, so I usually turn out the lights at the front of the house until its all over. Then this year I heard about a Halloween Parade in town, on B’s favourite street too! Of course I was anxious. Would we get there in time? How long would we have to wait? Would people stand in front of her? Would she like it? Would she get scared?

Well we did have to wait, and she coped a lot better than I did, but it was worth it. She loved it and there were no barriers, so when the dancers spotted her, some of them came over to her specially and of course she adored the attention!

And the birthday celebrations are still not over, as I’m bringing her to a musical on Saturday week, a proper grown up event for a proper grown up young woman.

Note: I’m linking this up with Reasons to be Cheerful and a huge thank you to Michelle at Mummy From the Heart, not only for hosting, but also for encouraging me to take part. I’ve been having a little pity party for the past few weeks, I’ve reached out for help a few times, and this morning, I finally got the support I needed thanks to a Facebook Group.


14 thoughts on “Twenty Years Young

    1. Thank you! I forget to mention that we also ‘joined’ in the Parade too, following it for the last bit. B loves doing that too, because of the cheering crowds 🙂


  1. Happy birthday to the big girl 🙂 Malahide is such a lovely village, I used to live there and if I could (i.e if I won the lotto), I would by a house there! It is a bit posh in some parts, but most of the people are lovely and the atmosphere is very relaxing.

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  2. She looks so happy happy belated birthday! Great that you decided to go to the parade as it looked great fun! We don’t have anything like that here I don’t think..well not near me anyway. I hope you feel brighter soon x

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