A huge surprise

R2BC at Mummy from the Heart

I’m not often stuck for words, but when the Rainbow Junior Arch Club co-ordinator read this out at last week’s session, I didn’t know what to say. I still don’t.


Ordinary people don’t expect to get prizes and awards after they’ve left childhood behind. I was lucky enough to get close to an award a few times with my old blog, and since I put so much effort into that blog, the recognition would have been nice, and would’ve made sense.

Volunteering at the club is just something I do, and have done for ten years or so. I do it in the same way as I clean my teeth in the morning. It’s part of my routine. I do it for my disabled daughter B, and for all the other special needs children who attend. Any time I think about quitting, I just have to see their happy faces and I can’t!

Anyway it was a huge surprise and much appreciated, and the best bit is that I get to bring 3 other committee members from the club to a celebratory dinner and dress up for the night. Though I’m assuming I’d better look respectable…

So that’s my main reason to be cheerful for this week, but I have a few more too:

Ringing up the local council, getting through quickly to a real person, who volunteered her name and promised to ring back, which she did. You’d nearly forget what friendly, efficient and human customer service is like. Lovely when you get to experience it.

Thinking the toaster was broken. Then discovering that it just needed a good clean. Oops.

A couple of good days when everyone in the family seemed to be happy.

Christmas shopping nearly done thanks to my laptop and some great suggestions from other bloggers.


Watching great music for free in the street on a cold but sunny Sunday afternoon. Though I did help B to drop some money in the bucket.


Finding an uneaten bar of chocolate when I cleaned behind my desk this morning. It’s not totally uneaten now though…

Linking up with Mummy from the Heart once again.


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