Good things and dark days

I hope I didn’t get you worried there. The dark days are not Tolkienesque, there’s no crazy Dark Lord trying to take over the world (well perhaps there is actually, but right now I’m watching and waiting like the White Council as other things are taking up all my time and energy). No, I’m referring to the fact that it’s November, just one month to Christmas, and already it is very very DARK. Well except when the sun puts out the occasional brief appearance, just to remind us that’s she’s there. So onto the good things…

Another radio station

I’m still in mourning for Phantom and TXFM and have left the preset in the car playing static, but in the meantime I’m listening to the internet station and it’s now on FM for a few weekends and best of all they played a song for me: Mrs Robinson – the version by The Lemonheads obviously.

An award and a night out

Okay so I did have to scrub some food off my dress, but apart from that the CDYSB awards went pretty smoothly, with no falls or stutters, a few shiny faced photos, and one or two nice ones that I will treasure, and most of all I will remember the lovely things my friends and fellow volunteer parents said. Because I’m just one of many, many people who kept the Rainbow Junior Arch Club going down the years.

Shades of the old me, BC and all that!

An Instagram Science Challenge

Last week was science week and in an effort to distract my overactive mind and learn something new, I joined this challenge to find science related photos, and I even made some graphics too. Plus my son helped with some of the captions. You can find the results on my Instagram account here:

The challenge was the brainchild of Dr Naomi Lavelle who writes the Science Wows blog, a fantastic resource to encourage children to take an interest in science.

Fantastic Beasts and where to find them

Sorry, but I wasn’t thrilled by this film, I enjoyed it, but I won’t be counting the days until the next one in the series. But I was very cheerful about an evening out with my eldest and youngest. It used to be almost impossible, but now it sometimes works out. 😀

November Rose

Inspired by Lakes Single Mum – one of the reasons to be cheerful hosts – I snapped this blooming rose during the week, and looking at it certainly makes me feel better about the darker days ahead.

November Rose.png


So that’s it for now. Why not head over to Mummy From the Heart for more cheery posts, and hope you have a good week x


11 thoughts on “Good things and dark days

    1. Yes, DVDs are still a thing – oddly enough two of mine are now buying physical objects instead of having everything on-line. Not sure what that’s about, but it means the demand for DVDs – and books – isn’t likely to end soon. Hope you’re having a good weekend too xxx


  1. That’s funny as my middle son is now really into vinyl records, and has foraged through our ancient collection, and bought some new albums of his own. The difference is that his turntable is connected to the PC. Everything old is new again, it seems.


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