My Sunday Photos


A trip to the Lovely Food Cafe.png

So we celebrated National Cake Day this afternoon. We were only 24 hours late.

The plan was to visit Drumcondra Christmas Market and stuff ourselves with the gorgeous pumpkin pies we found on our last visit, but sadly that stall was not there this time. So on we went to our favourite summer pit stop: The Lovely Food Cafe. I wasn’t sure if B would remember it, but she certainly did!

And they were clearly ready for us, because there was plenty of cheesecake.

B knows the routine. We sit outside because it’s too squashed indoors, and luckily the weather was mild and dry today. I go in and order, then sit down and B stares at the door with all her might to will the serving staff to bring her treat as fast as possible…

Where's the cake.png

Finally the waiting was over.

The Cake arrives.png

The silence was golden.

Then far too soon, it was all over, but the sugar hit very quickly indeed.

After cake .png
And continued all the way home.


No wonder I can’t do enough for this lovely young woman whom I am proud to call my daughter ..



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