An Early Christmas Present From Netflix For Everyone

Disclosure – I am a member of the Netflix stream team, which gives me free Netflix and other nice stuff. But all the opinions and recommendations in this post are my own, or written by my children.

As you must’ve worked out by now, I’m a huge fan of Netflix for the busy carer who may be on duty and interrupted at any time of the day or night. With Netflix, you can watch your favourite show when you want, and go back to it when you can. It’s almost perfect, except when the broadband goes down.

During the summer months our broadband is pretty reliable, but the closer we get to Christmas, the more downtime we experience. Very frustrating when you finally get the chance to relax for an hour.

So I was thrilled to read that Netflix has given everyone an early Christmas present with the ability to download content onto smart phones and tablets. This will be a game changer for me, and will bring joy to many parents who can now easily download favourite videos for their children. I can think of so many situations when that will reduce stress for everyone, particularly special needs kids who spend so much time waiting, whether in A&E, in bed, in meetings, on transport, when a bit of entertainment will make the time pass much more pleasantly for everyone!

And Netflix seems to have organised a Christmas present just for me too, with the science fiction series Travelers streaming on Netflix UK from December 23rd. The travelers in the series go back in time and inhabit people in the 21st century to try and save the world from a grim future. Can’t. Wait.


As a family we’ve also been watching a few shows, and these are our current recommendations:


(Words from my eldest daughter who loves anything service or spy related)

This series is about a sniper and it based on a movie of the same name. Following retirement Bob Lee Swagger is persuaded to return to service because of a threat to the US President from a notorious Russian operative, and Swagger is the one person who should be able to figure out what this guy will do. But nothing is as it seems and Swagger soon finds himself in more trouble than he has ever been before.


This science fiction series is about Detective Raimy Sullivan who discovers she can talk to her dead detective father in 1996 via an old ham radio. By sharing information they try to change events and catch a notorious serial killer known as The Nightingale, who was involved in the deaths of numerous women including Sullivan’s Mum. There are unforeseen and tragic consequences and lots of twists and turns – sometimes so many that it is hard to keep track, but I think it’s worth trying..


A departure for me: Shetland is an old style cop show, that’s like a sub-Arctic Bergerac with Goretex and granite. I’ve always been interested in the psychological effects on people of living in remote communities, social isolation surrounded by nature that’s beautiful but deadly too, the long dark nights, and the good and bad of tight knit communities. All are explored here, including what teenagers think of living on an island that’s miles from anywhere…

Dad: “We’ve got the sky and the sea and razorbills and kittiwakes, what more do you want?”

Daughter: “Top Shop.”



Happy viewing!


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