Life, Hydra and reasons to be cheerful

I’m beginning to think that life resembles Hydra, because as soon as I head off one problem, another grows in its place. And the older I get, that faster they seem to grow and multiply!


But perhaps Hydra has an opposite, for good things. I’d love to know…

In the meantime, I’ve dug out some good things from the past week:

I got offered another social media job. Obviously I can’t take anything on at the moment until the future of my children is more certain, but it felt good to be asked.

I attended a focus group run by the Irish Health Service on respite, and met some amazing people including Johanne Powell who made such a memorable appearance on TV recently.

Everyone was where they were supposed to be. Every single day.

All the overseas parcels and all the Christmas cards have been written and posted.

It’s mild. I hate cold weather and I dislike hot weather. Fifteen degrees is absolutely perfect.

My daughter B has been enjoying playing with the balloons she was given when we met a friend for coffee last Saturday. Yes, at 20 years old, floor time is still important when you’re stuck in a wheelchair for most of the day, and balloons are always fascinating when you have a severe intellectual disability.


With independent women ringing in my ears, I took part in the annual battle of Mum versus the Christmas Tree. Me with a drill, the tree with a very tough trunk. And I won again.


As an aside, couldn’t they teach basic DIY skills in school alongside home economics?

Christmas Tree 2016,.png
Okay so it’s only small, but it’s STRAIGHT for once!

Later that evening the children decorated the tree, in their own inimitable style. Shades of Miss Christmas Tree 2016 with that silver sash perhaps? Still, one less job for me.


Head over to Lakes Single Mum for more reasons to be cheerful and have a great week.


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