Out of this world

Some have said that this year’s Christmas offerings on Netflix are as thin as grandma’s gravy. But that’s not true if you’re a fan of science fiction/fantasy. And for anyone who got the gift of Netflix for Christmas, I’ve a full listing of my favourites at the end of this post.

And since TV and radio is mainly about repeats at this time of year, I would be bored stupid without Netflix, and my daytime chores have often been accompanied by catching up with the final episodes of Once Upon A Time and the Vampire Diaries.


These are the two shows that have given me something to look forward to once the chores are done, and my disabled daughter is in bed with her daily physio finished.

Netflix, #streamteam, The Expanse, 3, .png


Clearly a hunger games spin off, but then I got to thinking – societies have always had rites of passage to mark the end of childhood and The Process in 3% is just another one. In this one the premis is that only 3% of the population have the merit to live in comfort and young people have to undergo this rite of passage to be chosen. There were some unexpected and uncomfortable moments that I really enjoyed. The only jarring thing for me was that despite growing up in poverty as children, all the process candidates had perfect teeth!


Another science fiction space series based on the novels by James Corey and set in a future where there is an uneasy truce between Earth, Mars and Ceres, a  working space station where the labour force is controlled through rationing of air and water. Then an ice freighter gets a distress call and everything changes.

It’s a complex story that can be hard to follow with a large cast of characters, but despite that I grew to love it. It’s stuffed full of anti heroes. One in a hat. I’ve always liked men in hats. And lots of desperate misunderstood people, trying to do the right thing and often getting it wrong.

More of this please!


Other new programmes I still plan to watch this Christmas holiday include:

Sense8 Christmas Special – recommended by my 24 year old daughter who has watched it twice already.


OA – though I’m hearing mixed reports of this one..


Other science fiction/fantasy series I have enjoyed over the past 2 1/2 years:

Stranger Things


Falling Skies

Orphan Black


Terra Nova

Luke Cage


Jessica Jones

Disclosure – I am a member of the Netflix stream team, which gives me free Netflix and other nice stuff. But all the opinions and recommendations in this post are my own, or written by my children.


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