Festive Cheer

Bye bye stress, hello joy and festive cheer.

Well that was the plan for Christmas anyway. Special needs stress had led to illness, had led to more stress. But during the Christmas break everything is on hold, offices will be closed and emails will go unanswered, so I put the ‘to do’ list away until 2017. I was hoping to put my over active brain on hold as well, but that didn’t go completely to plan. But the alarm clock got switched off for 9 days. Something I was looking forward to for weeks: it doesn’t necessarily mean a lie on, but it at least there is the chance of one, even if a lie on here usually means about 7.30 am. Good thing I’m both an Owl and a Lark, and I’ve banked some sleep already.

Also you do know these posts are mainly for me, don’t you? And maybe to encourage others to do the same, as I think I would drown under all the sh*t without this regular look at the good stuff. So here we go with the rest of it…

A neighbour telling me I have the loveliest tree on the road because the coloured lights, tinsel and handmade decorations remind her of her childhood. And two unexpected and absolutely wonderful presents to put under it: a hamper of delicious goodies from my student lodger and his family, and a homemade and iced Christmas Cake from a lovely woman who helps with my disabled daughter: chocolate cake of course, as it’s B’s favourite.


Heading to a shopping centre with B to do some last minute Christmas shopping and entertain her for the afternoon and discovering that a lot of other people had the same idea. I nearly turned back due to the queues as they make me very uncomfortable and anxious. But I didn’t, and my daughter really enjoyed pottering around the shops and trying on clothes. There was more queuing to leave, but on the way home I was even more grateful that we hadn’t gone to the nearby Blanchardstown Shopping Centre which took people over an hour trying to leave according to radio reports.

B watching and enjoying Christmas Day telly with the family, instead of just YouTube. She even danced along to the carol service on the BBC.

The return of the children on Christmas Day and dinner with the three people I love most in the world.

My increased confidence in showering B. One day I may no longer need help in the mornings, especially when my son grows up, and then my 5.30 starts will hopefully end.

After three weeks of trying to coordinate diaries, I finally got to bring eldest and youngest to see Star Wars. Unless you’re a lone parent special needs mum you probably won’t appreciate how embarrassingly excited I was at the prospect of 2 hours and 13 minutes with no interruptions and no demands, and with entertainment provided too 😁

I’m reading a book for the first time in six months, and it’s all thanks to Netflix. A reader of my latest Netflix post suggested I try the books on which a series I raved about was based. And I have, and so far so good, I think I’m going to stick with it.

Hope you had a good Christmas too and for more cheerful posts, head over to Lakes Single Mum.



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