Social media does get results

R2BC at Mummy from the Heart

When I scribbled a few words over breakfast on Wednesday I had no idea or expectation that thousands of people would read and share them, or that by the end of the week I would be in direct contact with politicians and the director general of the Irish health service. Hopefully it will change things for all carers who need respite so they can get their own health needs attended to, so they can continue to care of course!

So my first reason to be cheerful for this week is gratitude to everyone who helped, I was blown away by the support.

No more panda eyes

If you know me at all, you will know that I am rarely seen in public – or private – without lashings of black eye liner. For the past 40 years I have been searching for the perfect pencil: it has to be soft, stay in place, and suitable for sensitive eyes. And finally I may have found it. This baby survived swimming, the death of Carrie Fisher and forgetting to take my make up off one night.

Make Up Forever, eye pencil, black, .png

Let me eat cake

My current medical issue means I’m on a ridiculously strict diet that bans almost everything I like. Except cake. Cake is okay. Though preferably low fat and chocolate free. Hello meringues!

Making mayonnaise

This used to be a daily guilty pleasure, but Hellmanns had to go as part of the diet, so I tried making my own mayonnaise. I didn’t much like the result, and it didn’t really agree with me either, but it worked, and it didn’t curdle. Go me.

Journaling and a Mindfulness course

I’m giving both of these a go to see if they help reduce my stress levels. Just have to make sure that adding more into my day doesn’t increase them…


After a very quiet Christmas, it was lovely to get a call to go for a long walk earlier this week – with B of course, who loved it.

B, Smiley, severe disability, .png

Have a great week and head over to Mummy from the Heart for more reasons to be cheerful.


12 thoughts on “Social media does get results

  1. Missed your earlier post (thought I was following by email, apparently not) so pleased to hear it made a difference. Some great reasons to be cheerful in here 🙂

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  2. Your earlier letter was excellent, and I’m so pleased that you got a result. The politicians need to be reminded that there are real, live people affected by their policies and decisions. On a lighter note, I’ve never heard of Make Up Forever (maybe we don’t have it here in the US?) and am off to google.

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  3. Sorry I’m so slate, I hadn’t realised you’d linked up. I need to investigate now and read your other post about carers, it sounds as if it went viral, go you! I love those pictures of B, I saw them on social media earlier and they made me smile. Mich x

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    1. Not at all – I’m very short of time at the moment, but try to make time for this, because it’s good for me, and I value being part of it – thanks to both you and Becky for keeping it going x


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