A crazy week

My head is in a spin from everything that has happened over the past week, good and bad, and next week promises to be even busier, with 7 appointment for the children and myself on top of everything else. Last week saw the launch of Profound Ireland, in which I played a small part, as this new group will be campaigning for better supports and services for children and adults like my disabled daughter B, as well their carers. There’s also been a lot going on with he who shall not be written about on this blog. And finally the response to my post on respite continues, with phone calls from people who’ve been avoiding me for months (looks like you really do have to go public to get results, which is very unfair), but also the unexpected kindness, support and more, from the really lovely bloggers in the Irish Parenting Bloggers Group. I cannot find the words to thank them enough for what they did for me this week, including organising the delivery of this beautiful bouquet of flowers.

flowers, Irish Parenting Bloggers, .png

And there were other reasons to be cheerful too…

Meeting a twitter friend by chance in the street. When I say meet, he called my name, and I looked blankly back, never having seen a picture of him before! And it was really special to meet someone I talk to on-line in real life, it doesn’t happen that often.

Going to collect B from her day programme for an eye appointment and hearing her laughter at the end of a very long corridor before seeing her ..

Getting a buggy organiser. I love the internet, and without googling for ideas for a replacement changing bag and even a cup holder, I would not have discovered the joys of a buggy organiser: I believe you can never have too much storage when you’re out and about with a disabled person, another reason why I hate wheelchairs.

And talking of wheelchairs, the assessment for a replacement for Bs old model will happen this week after an 18 month wait. I really hope that the team will listen to the practical things I need to support my daughter’s lifestyle, rather than just focusing on health and safety.

Have a great week and head over to Mummy from the Heart for more reasons to be cheerful.



10 thoughts on “A crazy week

  1. Lovely flowers and well done for reaching out for the support you and your family need. One day I hope we get to meet in the street or anywhere really too. My son had an operation just before Christmas so is needing extra support and it reminds me of you lovely parents who put in extra all year round

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