Do you mind?

Do you mind that this is an old style blog? An on-line diary that mixes angry rants with reasons to be cheerful.

Do you mind that it’s mostly about disability and carers? Because that’s my life now.

Do you mind that I don’t have time for polished writing any more? Because blogging now feels like a self indulgence since I can no longer justify it as honing my writing skills or learning about social media and coding.

They say that those who matter, don’t mind. I hope that’s true, because no-one has to read any of this stuff if they don’t want to.

But if you do want to read on, here are this week’s reasons to be cheerful

Finally getting a new coat for B. Not as easy as it sounds. Black doesn’t suit her, puffy jackets don’t work, other coats are too big, too stiff, to hard to get her arms into, or the sleeves won’t roll up so her hands are free. This one is perfect, and she seems to like it too!


Getting over my current fear of being too boring and miserable and returning to my running group. AND completing 5K in 30 minutes – a great start to my aim of running 10K in under 60 minutes in the Great Ireland Run in April.


Totally enjoying a nostalgic rewatch of my favourite ever TV series Blake’s 7 on YouTube (but don’t tell Netflix!).

Depression at President Trump’s inauguration being eclipsed by joy at the resistance movement and the wonderful women’s march.

A little four hour holiday on Monday, with a trip to the gym, coffee with Jazzyville and a tiny bit of shopping too. And I bought something for myself that I didn’t absolutely need. It felt great.

Hope you have a good week, and head over to Mummy from the Heart for more reasons to be cheerful.
R2BC at Mummy from the Heart


16 thoughts on “Do you mind?

  1. I think you write from the heart and thats all that matters. Well done you on getting out running, I find until the spring I’m so unmotivated. It sounds like you had a great Monday a well deserved break and some shopping – perfect. I also think B looks pretty happy with lovely pink coat x

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  2. I would mind if I could not read your stuff anymore. I like that you are real and true. I sense and hope we would like each other in the real world. And I love how you celebrate the joys in life because they are always there even if we need a magnifying glass to see them sometimes. Your girl looks so pleased with that coat and I am happy you treated yourself this week because that matters hugely too. Blakes 7 – I have a story about that but for another day perhaps

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