A new hope

Corners have been turned for all three of my children this week: for my disabled daughter B, the news came that the local disability manager has agreed that home nursing will be organised in the event of an emergency medical crisis affecting me. It just shows that screaming and shouting on social media does bring results, but it shouldn’t have to be that way. As for the other two? Well their news is mostly theirs to share at this stage..

But here’s some of the other things that made me happy this week:

All three of my children arriving home each day happy and chatty. Love the way my eldest spills all the news when she gets in, I feel privileged that she still lives at home and wants to share all the highlights of her day with me.

Happy Mum and happy daughter photos from last Saturday.


Two Instagram challenges for February, perfect as I’m just finishing up an on-line mindfulness course from Happy Healthy Minds, so I need another challenge. No images I’m really proud of so far, but it’s keeping me entertained and distracting my mind from disability issues.

Irish radio: It’s always a little bit less serious than in other countries and sometimes it’s not serious at all. Like this interview with Batman. Listen if you have time, you won’t regret it!


The carpets are once again their original colour thanks to an exhausting 24 hours collecting a giant carpet cleaner and then lugging it, shampoo and buckets of water up and down the stairs. Glad to have that job done though.

And because the week ended well, I felt cheerful enough to do some baking on Friday to mark carrot cake day – in a healthy way of course – and these were the results. #notprettybuttasty


Have a great week and head over to Lakes Single Mum for more Reasons to be Cheerful.


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