And then this happened

You know I’m not doing a lot with this blog, right? It’s not registered with Mumsnet or Netmums, I don’t have a Google Plus or Pinterest account for it, and I still haven’t the foggiest about Snapchat or Domain Authority.

Yet someone somewhere has not only been reading this blog, but has also nominated it in a number of categories in the new UK-based BAPS awards for bloggers who write about disability issues (SEND bloggers). Since I’ve gone back to my blogging roots and am writing about topics that matter to me, when I feel like it, and not with an eye on the Tots 100 blogging index, I did not expect or look for recognition. But it’s absolutely wonderful to get it!


With a few notable exceptions* the SEND blogging community is where I find more blogs that are still true to the way the blogging world was when I first joined it – passionate, honest, funny, heartbreaking, campaigning. Blogs that mean something. Here’s a few outstanding examples from the last few weeks – from around the world:

Zen and the Art of Extreme Parenting

I have recently become interested in extreme sports and have been considering amazing feats of daring-do and endurance. Maybe this is an age thing (46 as our local paper was keen to pointlessly share) or maybe it’s a growing awareness that life is short.

I suspect it is more to do with the fact that jumping off the side of a bridge attached to an elastic seems a great deal easier than parenting my three children.

Read more here:

Actually we would rather not do that. It puts a strain on our service.

Back to this whole media promoted, lack of adequate education driven idea that people such as my son are a drain, and a burden. Yes he is undoubtably costly to local authorities and the health service. But his life matters. The minute we start picking apart society in terms of who’s life matters more we start on a slippery downward spiral.

Read more here:

Shit Happens

(Promoting the building of Changing Places toilets)

Poo is normal. Let’s help all people poo with dignity!

Read more here:

I’d Move Heaven and Earth to Help You

I’d pray to God, 
To any god, 
To every god, 
If I thought it would make a difference. 

Read more here:

Reality 2017

(The Bright Side of Life reflects on her son becoming an adult)

What do you do?

When you realise that 2017 is the year that your special needs child is turning 18?

When it hits home that this should be his last year of schooling?

When it dawns on you that this is the year he qualifies for a driver’s licence?

When your heart pangs over the fact that he will not be spreading his wings ~ leaving home ~ getting a girlfriend ~ going to University ~ becoming independent?

What would you do?

Read more here:

Two and a Half Years later

(An update from This is no ordinary kid, now a young adult living in Australia)

He still loves blondes.
He still curls up and has a snuggle with me. 
He still gives the best hugs.
He still has the biggest smile.
He is still VERY LOUD. 

Read more here:

My heart knows

(My friend Lynne writes about grieving the loss of her adult son, who was so like my daughter in many ways)

I know he his gone. My heart feels the pain of it every single second of every single day. My brain on the other hand, likes to pretend that he is in respite or at school and that he will, at some point, be home.

My brain recoils from the thought of never ever seeing him again so I try to not think about that….AT ALL.

Read more here:

Other SEND bloggers that I read regularly include Steph’s Two Girls, Ojo’s World, Transitioning Angels, Faithmummy and Was This In The Plan???

With apologies to everyone I couldn’t include.

So being nominated and being part of such a great community is my reason to be cheerful for this week.


*Such as my fellow Reasons to Be Cheerful bloggers, Liveotherwise and many of the Irish Parenting Bloggers.

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