My Big Love

Apart from my children, obviously. And probably tying with coffee. Yes this is a quick post about the sea. For Valentine’s Day. Because, why not?


And I really do love the sea, even on a grey chill day like today. Actually even more so. It was just me, my thoughts and a flock of squabbling Canada Geese. Exactly what I needed.


I needed a break from the paperwork: a 36 page government disability document, minutes from a recent school meeting, and the biannual disability parking permit application form, which necessitates ordering a new cheque book – paypal etc not accepted – remembering how to print a passport size photo of my disabled daughter B and then dragging her up to the local Garda (police) station and getting poor PC Plod who would much rather be catching criminals to confirm that the photo is a true likeness of her. Catches breath.


So anyway I was feeling a bit down. Perverse really as things have been going a bit better, and I’m getting a few child free hours for several days every week at the moment. I suppose it’s hit me how tired I actually am, and it being Valentine’s Day I decided a bit of self love was needed. So instead of going on another tough training run, I went for a little jog along the Sutton sea front, and let the tide wash away all those self pitying thoughts. And thought about how much I’m blessed and lucky and loved.

Happy Valentine’s Day!


5 thoughts on “My Big Love

  1. Couldn’t agree more about the sea. Cures all sorts of ills. I grew up inland and I didn’t really know what I was missing but couldn’t imagine not living by the coast now…

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