Books, blogs and being tagged

There’s not so many cheerful bloggers around this week, but I am doing my best despite being slightly unwell, which luckily has happened this weekend when I don’t have to go anywhere, but I will anyway as my disabled daughter does not like staying in the house for too long. Breathes through blocked nose…


Despite the current germfest, life is looking a bit brighter right now (touches wood) and that means I’ve gone back to books. In a small way. Like I’ve still to finish the book I began at Christmas. But at least I’m reading again. And getting excited about these new books:

‘City of Friends’ by Joanna Trollope. Not science fiction but the story of four middle aged women, one of whom has to stop working to care for her mother. So you can see why I might be interested!

‘The Seven Sisters’ by Neil Gaiman. A follow up to the fantasy/science fiction novel ‘Neverwhere’, which was also my second favourite TV series of all time. So I can’t wait for this to come out.

‘The Book of Dust’ by Philip Pullman. A follow up trilogy to the Northern Lights series that my eldest and youngest adored, so we will all be fighting over it when it’s published.


I’ve started a new blog – and I’d actually have trouble telling you all the blogs I’ve worked on at this stage. But this new blog is just for me, it’s going to be full of recipes that work with the very restrictive GERD diet that I now need to follow. I’ve had to learn some new tricks to make it work, so that’s good too.


Being Tagged

Out of the blue a childhood friend tagged me in a family photo from about 2000. It was a photo of her family, but they’ve been like a second family to me too, and B and I snuck into the picture (she seems to be a long way away from me, but I think she’s in her walker, and as usual refused to smile to order!). Happy memories of a time when special needs did not stop us living a normal life.


Check out Lakes Single Mum for more reasons to be cheerful and have a great week x



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