In another universe, St Patrick’s Day might look like this

A much anticipated day off work. A lie in, until at least 7.30 am. Coffee and croissants in the garden listening to the frisky songbirds, doing the crossword and being able to finish it!

Wishing a happy St Patrick’s Day to my teenager and young adult children as they groggily wander into the kitchen. Tell them to charge their phones and that I’ll see them later.

Jump in the car and meet friends for a walk in the hills, followed by a pint of Guinness and a late lunch in a country pub to mark the day.

Arrive home relaxed and wind blown and spend the evening catching up with my favourite shows on Netflix.

Of course that’s only half the story: Before I left my offspring would probably be looking for money and lifts to different places. Then it’s likely I would spend a worried day trying not to text them and find out where they are, what they’re drinking and when they’re coming home. I would be stuck at the country pub, because obviously I can’t drive home after a pint of Guinness, which would disagree with me anyway. It would probably be too cold and rainy for breakfast in garden and knowing my luck, the birds would be fighting not mating….

So today I’m going to be thankful for the beautiful smile my disabled daughter B gave me when I groggily wandered into her room, even though it was 5.15. I’m going to be grateful that I will know where all three of my children are today, that it’s likely no-one will be drinking alcohol, and while I won’t get to escape to the country, I will at least be outdoors and watching the Dublin Parade with my wonderful daughter.

So those are my reasons to be cheerful for this week. More at Mummy from the Heart.






10 thoughts on “In another universe, St Patrick’s Day might look like this

  1. Nah, the parallel universe stuff never works out like the dream of it. We also went out to stand and watch a parade of sorts today – the Jerusalem Marathon. Also very festive. That photo of you and B is gorgeous. Have a good weekend. xxx

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