Reasons to be cheerful 24.3.17

I’m just going to dive straight in this week, so here goes:

Feeling the fear and doing it anyway

I was published this week.  A recent blog post that I threw together at the breakfast table was seen by a representative from an online paper who asked if I would expand it for publication. Normally I turn down these requests because I hate that kind of publicity and scrutiny of my life and thoughts, but after so many friends have put themselves out there on radio and TV, I felt it was the least I could do. If you want to read it, the link is here.

My long lost love

I’m talking about chocolate. I had a particularly bad day on Monday. and out of the blue I had a craving for my favourite ever bar of chocolate. I’ve not seen it for sale in Ireland, so I just thought I’d check out amazon and there it was. And yesterday this was delivered by post!!!

Cote d'or , chocolate, .png


In the past few weeks I’ve met friends I haven’t seen for a decade, others I haven’t talked to properly for months, some who I see as often as I can. I met them in coffee shops, running slowly, running fast, on the beach and in the pub. When I feel the urge to hide away, I must remember how good these meet ups were.

Trips out

As the weather improves, my disabled daughter B and I are getting more adventurous in our trips out. We went to the theatre , and spent last weekend trying out many of the activities on offer as part of the St Patrick’s Festival. The variety is good for me, and there’s nothing better than seeing her so happy.

B, disability, St Patrick's Festival, .png

Not a hoarder

I’m not naturally a hoarder, but there are a few things I keep in the press (cupboard) just in case. And the just in case actually happened this week when after many many years I finally got to open this bottle of liquid magic and it cleared the biro marks off B’s lovely pink coat. Result.

Stain devils .png

A new wheelchair for B

Progress is being made: this week she and I got to view some new wheelchairs. They won’t have everything on my wish list, but the team are bending over backwards to try and meet her needs as fully as possible. She’ll also get to pick the colour of the frame, upholstery and wheel guards. I may have to hide the Barbie pink option…

So those are my reasons to be cheerful for this week. Head over to Mummy from the Heart for more.

5 thoughts on “Reasons to be cheerful 24.3.17

  1. Wow you found plenty this week to make you smile. Hopefully the next week will keep that smile there.
    How great for smiley to be getting an upgrade. Good luck with it.


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