Five reasons I run

With two weeks to go until the big race, I’m starting to struggle. I’ve been training on and off for the past 18 months; I’ve been hurting all over for the past number of weeks, and I am so so tired. And I’m still not running fast enough to guarantee making my target time.

A bit of inspiration to remind me why I run was badly needed, so I came up with five good reasons to keep me motivated. And here they are, in no particular order..

Running for health and fitness gives me a justifiable excuse for leaving the house and the list, and getting out into the (reasonably) fresh air. Sometimes it’s very fresh, if I get the chance to go for a run in the park or along the sea front. It’s not a self indulgence, so I don’t need to feel guilty – but I still have to tell myself it’s okay.

It’s easier than dieting. No really, it is. With running you have to be mentally tough enough to resist stopping for about half an hour. And do that 4-5 times a week. With dieting you have to be mentally tough enough to resist eating all the time! Also I do lose weight when I exercise harder, which seems to go against expert opinion. I’m still eating cake, but I’ve lost about a stone (6 kilograms), and that makes me very happy.

Running gives my brain a break: I find it impossible to think about my worries when I’m running flat out, and it’s taking all my focus to keep my breathing steady and my legs moving.

It’s about adding something to your life, which has to be a bonus as I’ve found that getting older and becoming a responsible adult and parent seems to be mostly about giving up things.

I’ve always been competitive, and running gives me a chance to compete, against myself and others too. It’s good to feel you’ve achieved something, especially as there is very little sense of achievement or recognition when you’re a carer.

Five reasons I run, me, Essex,

So there you have it, and if you’re a runner too, I’d love to know what keeps you going and why you enjoy it…



5 thoughts on “Five reasons I run

  1. Loving the idea of eating cake and losing weight! I started running for the first time ever last year. I did the Couch to 5k podcast and amazed everyone, myself included, that the girl who wouldn’t run for a bus, ran the 5k Race for Life. I’m currently recovering from surgery and have just started to go walking. I fully intend to re-do the podcast and get out there running again in time. As you say, whilst you are running you are concentrating on breathing and making it, the brain has no room for other thoughts. Running helps me clear my mind, gives me ideas and motivates me to get healthy. I both love it and hate it at the same time. I’m sure folk passing in cars look at me all red faced and say “ah god love her”.

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      1. Thank you! I always think about that quote about lapping those still on the couch, makes me feel much better. Hopefully not too long and I’ll have that podcast on the go!


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