Like the Wicklow Hills

So the Easter holidays were like the Wicklow Hills – lots of ups and downs, with storms and sunshine turn by turn. Beginning on the highest peak, with the Great Ireland Run, dipping down to a fairly grim valley during the first week, followed by a wonderful weekend of outings with my disabled daughter B, and then a few days that went surprisingly well.

And you know what happens when busy people finally get to relax? The germs all queue up to take advantage, so yes, I’ve been on sick list since last Friday. And feeling a bit numb and uninterested in anything very much. Even taking photos. Even taking blossom photos before the high winds scattered the petals into pink drifts along the pavements. So you’ll have to make do with this old one instead.

cherry blossom

So I’ve a few half hearted reasons to be cheerful this week. It’s not been bad, just a bit ordinary, and perhaps I should be grateful for that too!

My fitness levels paid off over the weekend – despite the stupid virus I was able to keep going and even push my daughter into town on Sunday – something I found hard to do at all two years ago.

I’m reading a book again. In fact I’m rereading a book, and it’s the real thing, solid with pages just starting to yellow at the edges, the spine with the smile lines of a book that’s been well loved.

And it got me wondering why I’m still struggling to find new authors right now. Where’s the next Nick Hornsby, John Wyndham, Nevil Shute, Graham Greene, J.R.R. Tolkien, Anne McCaffrey? All suggestions welcome.

I’ve been playing game of thrones with the dandelion hordes – either decapitating them with a well aimed kick or pouring boiling water on them. Oddly satisfying and at least I’m not using chemical warfare.

A morning spent at a carers’ forum, billed as an opportunity for carers to express their grievances and suggest improvements directly to Government. I’m not expecting anything to change as a result, but it was a great opportunity to catch up with Facebook friends old and new.

With a bank holiday weekend and lots of appointments next week, things are about to get more interesting…

Head over to Lakes Single Mum for more reasons to be cheerful.

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4 thoughts on “Like the Wicklow Hills

  1. It’s funny how that happens that one gets ill as soon as there’s a holiday or a break in the workload. May I suggest you read, The Improbability of Love by Hannah Rothschild. Obviously if there were new John Wyndhams you’d have to read those first, but there aren’t. I loved reading the Chrysalids at school aged 12. It got me hooked and I have about 6 of his books on my shelf still.

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    1. I adored The Chrysalids too and now have my parents’ copy. I will certainly try the book you recommend – most of my recent reading has been recommended by other bloggers x


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