My dream home and other reasons to be cheerful

Life’s dramas just keep continuing with the past seven days including both a tragic death and a surprise wedding, sending emotions skittering in all directions. By Thursday I needed a breathing space and – you’ve guessed it – I headed for the beach. But I also wanted to have a closer look at a semi-detached bungalow I’d seen for sale. And it had everything I would be looking for if I got the chance to move away with my disabled daughter: converted for wheelchair access and use, within 30 minutes drive of Dublin city centre and with a glorious sea view…

Bungalow, wheelchair accessible, Portrane, Sea Views, affordable property

The lovely owner let me take this photo and even showed me around. If I could, I would buy it tomorrow. It’s great to know that my dream home does actually exist.

And another bonus – for once I did not feel insanely jealous of the average office worker, as I ran along the nearby beach in the sunshine.

Portrane, Rogerstown, beach, boats,So what other good things happened this week? Well I got to feel competent and useful twice in one week and that does not happen very often these days, as you know if you’re a regular reader:

oftencalledcathy 1 Tech 0

I helped a fellow blogger develop a Go Fund Me Widget for her side bar – helps me forget being called technophobe a few years ago, by someone who shall remain nameless.


I attended a disability conference on Wednesday – really I had no excuse as it was free and only 15 minutes walk from my house. It was great to catch up with other parents and also to put my worky skills to use by listening, live tweeting and typing up notes all at the same time, and then sharing them too.

Cheese on the menu

Apparently eating cheese is no longer considered an unhealthy habit. This is great news for someone who guiltily consumes a large block of it every single week.


This used to be an obsession of mine, as you may remember. Lack of sleep and broken sleep brought me to the edge of reason at  times. But no longer. It’s true that I rarely get more than 6 hours, but I also rarely get up more then once in the night, and now I sleep in an adjacent room to my daughter, I no longer have to run up and down the stairs in the cold and dark to see what she needs.

Hope you had a good week xx

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8 thoughts on “My dream home and other reasons to be cheerful

  1. Cheese is good but unfortunately the bread or crackers you want to eat it with is bad. I just spread y butter straight onto the cheese theses days. Butter’s also good apparently.
    I so get it about being jealous of office workers – when I’m trying to teach a particularly unruly class of 6th grade boys usually – and then taking all those thoughts back when I can leave school at 3pm and I’m done for the day.

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