A glimmer of hope and a productive week

There was a big breakthrough for one of my children this week, and a break from each other for both of us. It wasn’t respite, but it certainly felt like it.

I was so productive, I exercised every day, met a friend for coffee, sorted out the garden, made a massive dent in the paperwork and was able to respond to a couple of requests quickly, spent time chatting and watching TV with my other two children, and this was the laundry basket most days…

Laundry basket, reasons to be cheerful,

Perhaps it shows the importance of respite too? I got a break from the daily stew of emotional exhaustion, worry, overwhelm and guilt.  It was great.

I think that having hope for the future gives you more energy for the present, and this week gave me a glimmer of hope that made me feel very cheerful indeed. So that’s one short, but very important reason for this week.

R2BC at Mummy from the Heart


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