The dirt trail

It’s not deliberate. I don’t push my daughter’s wheelchair through mud on purpose.

And this time, I have no idea how it happened. Yes it was a mucky day, with sunshine and showers, but we were walking on the pavement, and my shoes were clean when we arrived home after a short but happy trip to the shops (a coffee stop may have been involved too…).

Being not a housewifely type I gaily pushed her chair through the door into the kitchen. It was some time later that I noticed the trail of dirt and debris in its wake. Yet this happens almost every single time.

But what can a hapless carer do?

…You can’t leave the wheelchair in the porch with the muddy shoes.

…If you hose it down outside, everyone and everything gets wet, and there will still be brown skid marks on the floor. So attractive (not).

…Brush the wheels once indoors. Of course you always miss a few specks and they get walked everywhere.

The dirt trail

..Stay in unless it’s dry. But this is Ireland, and both of us like going out.

…Stick to shopping centres? Ugh, no thanks.

Have you any other ideas? If you’re a wheelchair user or pram pusher, what do you do?

There’s probably an obvious answer. It’s just that no-one told me…



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