We’ll always have Paris

Except some of us won’t. Not everyone gets to go abroad, and I often get a little pang for the life I might have had at this time of year. I’ve never been to Paris, or many of the other places on my travel wish list: my last proper foreign holiday was in May 1996.

Me, Bellagio, May 1996
Bellagio, Italy, May 1996

I did have plans to buy some kind of disability friendly camper van or caravan, and travel with my disabled daughter, but that now seems unrealistic. The world of transport is moving so fast: I can’t justify the investment, when petrol and diesel vehicles could be banned in a few years time.

And there’s another thing: I’ve read a few stories about non verbal children and adults who’ve died of starvation, because their sole carer died and they were unable to raise the alarm. If my daughter’s future is living with me, just me, then she needs a safety system, she needs a stable home, a year round day programme and regular home help visits, to ensure that she will be found and cared for if anything happens to me.

Obviously this could change if real respite options that my daughter liked were made available. But I’m not holding my breath: I know the State has other priorities.

So instead I’m going to count my blessings and find some reasons to be cheerful:

Life in general

Life has got a little easier in the past six months, as things have improved for one of my other children.

Building work

It’s gone on a lot longer than expected, but it’s almost finished now, and hopefully our damp problems and other worries will be consigned to history.


Yes, everything went wrong at once, and our ancient and complicated plumbing system packed up too. It took four visits by the poor guy who thought that all he’d have to do was service the boiler, but it’s finally working again.

The Bargain Bin

The kind of luck I don’t get very often: spotting a new bargain bin in Penney’s (Primark in the UK) with T shirts on sale for a euro, and in the right sizes for B and I. We got first dibs and I found 3 in colours and sizes to suit. By the time I’d tried them on, they were queuing to rifle through my leftovers.

Bargain Baby Bottle Brushes

Maybe I’m showing my age, but I don’t believe a baby bottle brush should cost €10?

I tried all the usual places and that was the standard price, with nothing cheaper than €6 😶

So I held out until I had time to pop into Dealz and found one on sale there for €1.50.


And in case you’re wondering, I use the brush to clean reusable water bottles and coffee cups, and the old one had that disgusting looking black stuff at the base of the bristles…

The fridge is recovering from the heatwave

Never buy a Samsung American Fridge. I did, just for the extra storage. I believed the hype and the description, but I was so wrong. It leaks water. The frost free freezer has to be regularly defrosted, and the electronic controls cannot be controlled by the user: it is a fridge with a mind of its own. And in the hot weather, it was minded to warm up, so I’ve had to buy food on a daily basis and ensure that everything got eaten quickly too. Luckily, as the temperature outside drops, so does the temperature inside the fridge. I see less trips to Tesco in my future. Hooray!

Hope you have lots of reasons to be cheerful this week too. Head over to Mummy from the Heart for more.

R2BC at Mummy from the Heart


17 thoughts on “We’ll always have Paris

  1. Paris is overrated. You do look lovely in that photo in Rome though. What can I say, for me Facebook is the new Lonely Planet. Lots of love xxx

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  2. I once got the opportunity to spend a year in Paris rent free with an auntie of a college friend. Of course, I bottled it and turned it down thinking I had all the time in the world to do such things. It would have done me the power of good but I made my way back in the end it seems and my daughter is so keen to visit Paris. I don’t know quite how to respond to your post because you deserve to have at least a go at your dreams and things should be made so much easier for you. And yet you have that remarkable spirit that keeps on keeping on and I know also get a lot of joy from your lot in life too. We will meet one day I hope perhaps in France?

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  3. I used to miss my holidays, weekends away with himself. As we are both carers for our parents these days, I take great pleasure in an hour in a coffee shop with him. It really is the little things that mean so much xx

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  4. How bizarre about the fridge. Samsung is such a reputable brand and built in a very hot country so there is no logic for it not being able to cope. Glad you managed to get some bargains this week, I love a good rummage and a bargain too.

    Here is to a fab week and with lots of great reasons for you to be smiling. Mich x

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