Back this, back that

School is back, my back is sore, life is getting back in the normal routine, and I’m back to really needing to do my reasons to be cheerful! So here goes:

The house is empty today, and now it is clean too. Productivity increases exponentially here when all my children are where they’re supposed to be…

Getting back to normal after a week off  – I was even delighted to welcome back B’s morning carer when I answered the door at 6.40 am!

Back to the running group  earlier this week, and I might even manage a Parkrun on Saturday pushing B.

A walk and lunch with friends (and my daughter) on Saturday that left me with dreams of moving to a wheelchair accessible canal side apartment, close to the new tram stop.

That was until Sunday, when my desire to move nearer to the sea was reawakened by a beach picnic with B.  It was warm and fairly sunny, and would’ve been perfect apart from the occasional whiff of rotting seaweed on the breeze!

Poolbeg chimneys August 2017

And then finally last Friday saw the end of the Rainbow Junior Arch Club summer programme with a trip to Lullymore Heritage Park, which I really mean to blog about – just as I promised last year. Hopefully this time I will manage it.

I was worried about how this week would go, but all is unexpectedly calm this evening. Long may it continue.

Hope you had a good week, and for more reasons to be cheerful, head over to Lakes Single Mum.


2 thoughts on “Back this, back that

  1. I’m useless with too long a holiday. I fall into sloth and slovenly ways. Routine is good, it keeps us productive. Best wishes to all your children for a healthy, happy, and successful year. xxx


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