Dull and domestic details can be cheerful too

Disclosure: I was not in any way paid or asked to include the products on this page, and the photos are my own.

I nearly cried this week when I accidentally knocked a treasured family photo off the wall and smashed the glass, while hoovering. But I didn’t. And while it felt like the last straw for a few minutes, my eldest reminded me how easily it could be fixed. Unlike the problems facing so many other people.

Because so far September is going surprisingly well. A transition from constant fire fighting to dull domestic and disability duties feels odd, but once there’s no disasters, it’s definitely a reason to be cheerful. And yes I went a bit mad with the alliteration there, sometimes I can’t resist it…

The change in the weather will take a while to get used to. For now, I’m mostly frozen. Yesterday I got chilled after a sudden shower of rain, and with a bit of spare time, I swapped my usual 3 minute shower for a reasonably leisurely bath. It was like a reunion with a long lost friend. Wonderful.

Talking of wintry conditions, I’m enjoying seeing all the warmer clothes in the shops and planning what to buy my disabled daughter as her clothes never last long, due to chewing, sitting, spills and stains, and holes from yanking unwilling garments into place. I’m thinking the pink and blue scarf and hat would be be perfect on her.

Autumn clothes

This undomesticated goddess got another boost this week and I could actually kiss those lovely Lidl people sometimes! Mostly when they bring out products that actually work like this limescale remover.

Toilet, Lidl limescale remover

I’m tempted to buy a lifetime supply in case they discontinue it like the chlorine spray that turned grey grout brilliant white again. If you’re reading this, lovely Lidl person, please start stocking it again.

So that’s my reasons to be cheerful for this week: head over to Mummy from the Heart for more.

R2BC at Mummy from the Heart 

4 thoughts on “Dull and domestic details can be cheerful too

  1. I agree that it’s sometimes the little or ordinary things we should celebrate. We certainly miss them when they’re gone or when we don’t have time for them. Meanwhile we are still waiting for the cooler weather. Today was under 30 (at 28) for the first time in weeks. Have a dull, ordinary weekend and enjoy every minute of it. xxx

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  2. I love the idea of a bath being a reunion with an old friend. I think I need to get acquainted with that friend again too! I also want some chlorine spray to help my grout, I hate discoloured grout and nothing gets it good again, despite lots of elbow grease. Mich x


  3. I too love the idea of a bath being a reunion with an old friend, I really miss having time for a leisurely soak. Over the Summer I have discovered that hanging the washing out to dry in the garden makes me feel happy, satisfied even. I can’t explain why, it just does. A little thing that makes you feel good xx


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