Ophelia in da house

Outside Ophelia wreaked little damage in our sheltered corner of Dublin – one reason to be cheerful this week – but inside the storms have continued. I’ve battened down the hatches and bought in extra supplies (lots of treats!). Gym membership has been suspended, running plans put on hold, and even my disabled daughter’s 21st birthday party will now be a low key affair. It is scary how one storm can threaten to destroy so much, and all you can do is look for help, sit tight and hang on.

Sorry for the lack of cheerfulness there, but for me, these weekly posts are also little updates on our lives. And there are some reasons to be cheerful too:

…A job was tweeted at me. I may not be in a position to do anything about it, but it was a real boost that someone thought I would be a suitable candidate.

…I’ve begun a #onedailypositive post on Instagram to help me get through this – I borrowed the idea from fellow blogger Chickenruby.


…A huge reaction to an old post I revamped for #WorldMenopauseDay.

…Christmas treats like these in the shops, and now in my house too!

Tesco Salted Caramel Nut Collection

…More therapeutic walks with wonderful rewards, like this view from Bray Head in Co. Wicklow.

View from Bray Head

So that’s it for this week, head over to Lakes Single Mum for more.


11 thoughts on “Ophelia in da house

  1. I’m sorry things are stormy at home atm. I hope this storm too passes. I love your photos. And I know nothing about what heaven actually is, but I’m pretty sure they have salted caramel there.

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  2. I’m pleased to hear Ophella didn’t cause you any issues but sorry things are tough right now. So good that you are still taking time to find those cheerful moments, that hilltop walk looked amazing. Take acre, Mich xx

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