Reasons to be cheerful 26.10.17

I’m still digging my way out of the disability trenches here, but I’m confident we’re on our way back to our version of normal life. So that’s my first reason to be cheerful. Getting us there – on top of everything else – is keeping me very busy indeed, so I only have a few reasons to be cheerful this week…

…I’m continuing with my #onedailypositive Instagram posts and they really help to lift my mood. As you can see, they include a celebration of all things Halloween, getting to my Zumba class again, and a new housing development that looks interesting as it offers the tantalising prospect of a home that would be totally accessible for my disabled daughter, and the chance for me to sleep in a bedroom instead of the kitchen!

#onedailypositive #R2BC 27.10.17

…I am getting good emotional and practical support from our much maligned disability services.

…Another young adult on B’s day programme has befriended her, and was helping her to play the guitar this week: my heart just melted hearing that.

…I made time to straighten my hair for the first time in 6 weeks as a bit of self care, and I hope to get it trimmed soon too.

That’s it for this week. Head over to Lakes Single Mum for more.



5 thoughts on “Reasons to be cheerful 26.10.17

  1. Love this post partly because it will give a wake-up call to others that moan too much and also that positive news about a potential new home that suits your family’s needs. I really do cross everything that comes off for you. Self-care is good and I am the worst for not doing it whilst telling others they should. Have just sent my husband and son into the village to try to get hair cuts with their limited French and if all goes well may well got and get a cut and colour soon myself. Thanks so much for your lovely comment over on my blog. Part of how I reassure myself is that it can be no bad lesson for my children that they know you can always change your life radically if you just decide to go for it.

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  2. I’m glad things are easing and I’m loving your Instagram posts. So important to find one thing every day to feel positive about although I appreciate some days, they are harder to find than others xx


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