When you can’t make lemonade out of lemons

When I began this blog I hoped it would be a place to celebrate all that’s positive about caring for a young disabled adult. As you know, life has a way of skewering the very best of intentions. Doors are still being slammed in our faces, and I’m feeling exhausted, ill and overwhelmed most of the time. So I’m planning to take a proper break over Christmas – the phones are not manned and there’s no pressure to follow this up or chase that down. There’s no one there, everything is on hold until January. I’m determined to take a break and see if that clarifies what I should do next. I may write, I may not, I’m not going to pile any additional pressure on myself.

Even the (far too small) Christmas tree is sitting forlornly in the living room, undecorated and unloved. And the news on new bungalows is that no way have we any hope of purchasing one now and probably not in the future either.

Forlorn Christmas Tree

The Christmas tree will get done. The essential things will get done. My two girls are doing well, and a night out to see Star Wars has been booked, so I’m hanging on to those things even as life keeps pelting lemons at me. And since I’m now allergic too all things citrus, I can’t even make lemonade!

16 thoughts on “When you can’t make lemonade out of lemons

  1. A break of any sort to look forward to is so important. I hope your Christmas is the break you need despite everyday life continuing to be ‘busy’. Enjoy Star Wars.

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  2. I desperately want you to see some true happiness in 2018, it’s horrible that it’s so hard for you, all the time! There had to be a solution, your mind and body can’t keep this up xx

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  3. It’s good you are giving yourself a little time out, away from the day to day battles with organisations, bureaucracy and general uphill struggles where possible. I hope you have a relaxed and happy Christmas time and that 2018 brings you a little if not a lot of what you need x

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  4. I hope you manage to get some head space over Christmas. It can be a nice time to switch of from feeling that you ‘have to make ‘that’ phone call, or write ‘that letter’.
    The service (or non service more like) providers are already winding down so there isn’t much you can do.
    Try not to put too much pressure to have a great Christmas, just take a deep breath and go with the flow.
    Here’s hoping 2018 has more answers.
    Aud xxx

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  5. A proper break sounds like exactly the right thing. I took today ‘off as the first non-ill day off in 3 months and I feel like a different person. I’ve helped my family start getting the living room ready for Christmas and spent actual time just sitting watching TV without my laptop.
    I’m sorry life is so hard for you and no-one is making it any easier. I hope 2018 is a better one financially and otherwise for you – May your Christmas be full of smiles. Peace and strength to you and yours x

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  6. I’m sorry to hear life is difficult for you. I think you’re wise to switch off from all the paperwork and phone calls. Hopefully by switching off from the fight it’ll give you a much needed break. Wishing you a peaceful Christmas and New Year. Deb @MumForAutism x

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