Looking Back, Looking Forward

All the Christmas jumpers and socks have been worn, the tree needles are being walked all over the house, the laundry basket is overflowing, the fridge is nearly empty, and it’s time to reflect.

2017 was a year of three halves (yes, it felt that long). Four fairly stressful months, followed by a pretty good summer, followed by an ongoing crisis from mid September. I didn’t cope very well.

But like a frog being slowly boiled, you learn to live with the fear and anxiety and craziness, until something or someone slaps you in the face. For me the wake up moment was a photo posted by a dear friend on my timeline. I did not recognise the stressed and anxious face, and unkempt hair that stared back at me from my Facebook feed. Then that night I ground my teeth so badly I cracked a root.

Something had to give. I had to take my own advice and look after myself, even though it makes me feel guilty, as it takes me away from my 24 hour job as a carer.

The next day I began to make some changes, and I’m now beginning to feel better, even though the appointments begin again this week, the need to catch up with the housework, the admin, the maintenance, and my wish to get really fit so I can achieve my one personal goal for 2018: running the Dublin Women’s 10K in under 55 minutes. Then I’ll be able to write a post called ’55 and under’, geddit?

Anyway one of the changes is to find reasons to be cheerful again, so here’s some from the past few days….

A walk into town gave B the chance to try out her new winter coat. I think she likes it 😄.

B in her new Eskimo coat, Smiley

I began using The Book of Days. It’s smaller than the utilitarian system I adopted to manage the business of running this family, but that wasn’t really working anyway, and it’s lovely to have a beautiful diary instead 😍.

The book of days

I returned to the gym, after a break of almost three months due to family commitments. It was great to be back, and my plans to cancel my membership to join a nearer, cheaper gym didn’t happen. I couldn’t quite manage to get the words out…

ICON gyn

The baking began again. Flapjacks were made at the request of a very appreciative child!

chocolate covered flapjacks

That’s all I have for you: Head on over to Mummy from the Heart for more reasons to be cheerful and have a great week xx

R2BC at Mummy from the Heart 


14 thoughts on “Looking Back, Looking Forward

  1. Delighted you opted to stay with the gym. You deserve to have that one thing at least for yourself.
    Love the 55 and under idea, go for it!
    I hope and wish that 2018 is a new beginning, bringing good things for you all.

    Aud xx

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  2. I so wish I lived close to you and then I could come and clean your house or offer some practical support to help you with the heavy load you carry. I’m super pleased you dumped the guilt and was able to carve our a little time to start looking after yourself and recharging your batteries a little more. I pray 2018 is the year some of the really difficult draws on your time start to ease. Mich x

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  3. We too have had a rough year. I made the decision to stop working full time so that I had time for me as I was getting too stressed out. A bit too much wine was consumed so this year when looking after myself I am being more careful as to what I drink and eat! If we don’t look after ourselves then the whole family suffers x

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  4. I second what Becky said, we have to look after ourselves for the sake of the family as much as for ourselves. Keep that gym appointment and I look forward to you being 55 and under – maybe even 50 and under. I”m also praying that this will be your year for all good things. Lots of love Candi xxx

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  5. You write so well. I think of you and realise how little stress I have compared to you and that helps me count my blessings more although when I look at your lovely daughter in that coat, I realise how very blessed you are too. You MUST take care of you – you KNOW that is the only way you can care effectively too. You are amazing and I never know a good enough way to say that pathetically but you are and one day we will meet and eat flapjacks – I just feel that will happen for some reason.

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    1. Thank you, and thank you to this group of bloggers who all lift each other up each week. And there’s every chance we may meet one day: I’ve now met a surprising number of bloggers in person from a number of countries – people love visiting Ireland, I guess!


  6. I’m waiting to get inspired. I find myself so much not wanting to wash the kitchen floor I don’t do anything else either. And sometimes I do other, more interesting things, instead of washing the kitchen floor – then feel bad because the floor is still grubby.

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