A life changing week?

It could have been, and maybe it still will be, I’ll let you know… In the meantime, here are some related reasons to be cheerful…

First up: the house alarm is finally fixed: there was a fair bit of trepidation in this house about burglaries over the past seven days, but luckily no-one told the local criminals. So tout est bien qui finit bien, as my French teacher used to say.

Next up, health stuff. It is January after all. On Monday that involved the removal of the tooth with the cracked root and subsequently an abscess too. I am very relieved to see the back of it, even though it’s cost me a small fortune over the years.

Today I got my regular blood tests and a smear test too. Hopefully the results will be life-affirming: I don’t really worry about these things now, and being a 24/7 carer has given me a completely different perspective. In fact, *whispers*, I almost enjoyed all this healthcare: there I was, sitting or lying down in warm welcoming rooms, one with lovely calming music playing in the background, someone taking care of me for a change, and nothing to do but breathe.

Back to the weekend and a trip North to meet the Kerr family** who let B try out their spare running buggy in freezing conditions in a Newry car park. She seemed very comfortable and happy in it and buying one would be a great idea, but I have to look at the logistics first – she can’t travel in it, so I would need a bigger van to take it and her wheelchair and a hoist too! I need to buy a new one sometime soon anyway, before the current (diesel) grannymobile becomes completely worthless. Decisions, decisions. It could change both our lives though, and prevent existing equipment getting damaged. Also it GOES ON THE BEACH! B used to love the beach, in all weathers, but she’s not been able to access one for a number of years.

Also this week: cake and coffee out with a couple of friends, #Parkrun with B, I finished the post Christmas clean up with a little help, our lovely home hairdresser trimmed all our hair into submission, I read a whole book for the first time in ages (thanks to Jax for the recommendation), I got the car fixed, and attended a very useful meeting about B’s future (she was with me, of course).

Finally today I went to the launch of some new bungalows: they seem perfect, and the builder is happy to make any necessary tweaks to meet B’s specific disability needs. But they are a long way from Dublin and B’s service, so I couldn’t make an immediate decision. And all bar one were reserved by lunch time…. But just the fact that more new bungalows are being built is a reason to be cheerful, there’s hope that we will eventually be able to move somewhere more manageable.

R2BC at Mummy from the Heart

** The Kerr family also run Aaron’s Army, a non profit organisation, that provides support to families wishing to experience assisted running and raises funds to provide them with a disability jogging buggy. I think it’s a great cause.


10 thoughts on “A life changing week?

  1. All very promising bar the decision making. I look forward to hearing what you decide on the van, the hoist, the running buggy and the Bungalow of course. xxx

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  2. That going to the dentist is a luxury shows how hard life is for much of the time.
    I don’t quite understand how the running buggy works. Does it mean she would be supported in a way that means she can stand / walk / run . . . or is it more like a motorised wheel-chair for rough terrain?
    Hope the bungalow works out.

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    1. Perhaps I should have put up a photo or a link regarding the running buggy? It’s a 3 wheeler buggy, like the jogging buggies that are popular for new mums these days. Basically it’s engineered properly, and designed to be pushed fast and safely: I’ve tried running pushing both the buggy and wheelchair, and they are heavy, there’s resistance built in for safety, and you get wheelspin if you go too fast, and the wheels can get dangerously clogged up with debris too. Hope that answers your question x


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