Reasons to be cheerful 27.1.18

Unfortunately B and I cannot do parkrun this morning, so instead I’m going to run around hunting for reasons to be cheerful…

…I bought some new everyday wear gym clothes in the sales to encourage me to exercise even when I can’t get out. As an Irish celebrity said recently:

“If I put my jeans on in the morning, that’s it, I’m not going to the gym that day.”

And I find the exact same thing happens here.

…My disabled daughter’s telly died this week and as she cannot entertain herself, TV is very important to her. She also has an iPad, but in her opinion that is solely to watch videos of her favourite bands and she will protest if you try to use it for any other purpose! So a replacement telly was needed. I began looking at reviews online, but she does NOT need a 32″ flat screen TV in her bedroom! I knew there was a very old TV in the attic, but had no idea if it was still usable. But guess what? All I had to do was plug it in, attach the Freesat connectors, and bingo! Over 100 channels for B to choose from. It’s neat and sturdy and it works. Why can’t I buy a TV like that any more?

…Welcoming several new families to the special needs club I help to run and seeing how happy their children were to be there.

…The joy of collecting my eldest daughter from the airport on Sunday after she represented the Irish branch of the family at a wedding.

…My Zumba class started up again for 2018.

…Coffee with one friend and a lovely email from another.

…Approaching an Irish delegate to the Davos World Economic Forum about the apparent lack of a hoist in a picture of the beautiful disabled toilet she shared on twitter. She promised to raise the issue of changing places toilets. Result!

(Incidentally Davos and Davros are too similar for me not to think that the World Economic Forum is not full of villains. Anyone else?)

…Making an apple pie with one of my other children.

…Attending the first meeting of the new Human Rights Committee at the CRC in Dublin, which runs the adult day programme that B attends and loves. The Committee plans to improve the lives of disabled people and has assembled a proactive group with a variety of backgrounds and skills. It was a very positive two hours, and a great break from my usual daily activities!

So that’s it for another week. Head over to Mummy from the Heart for more reasons to be cheerful xx



15 thoughts on “Reasons to be cheerful 27.1.18

  1. We have to consciously chose to look for the good stuff. It’s always there, but sometimes we have to dig a bit to find it. Nice one about the gym gear! I got a laugh out of that…if I don’t put my trackies in first thing in the morning there isn’t a snowball’s chance in hell I’ll exercise either. Lovely post. Put a smile on my face xxx

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  2. I’ve always thought that Davos sounds faintly sinister but I couldn’t think why. Now I know. LOL, thanks for making that connection for me. Have a good weekend. xxx

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  3. You have some very lovely reasons this week and great news about the telly working. In fact, I could leave a comment the length of a blog post. I admire how you keep on keeping on but also changing the world despite or because of your own challenges. That makes you a very special person. And to lighten the mood, I want some sporty type clothes to ensure I keep on running or at least walking faster. Real balance in your post this week which I enjoyed, a little bit of everything and save a slice of that apple pie for me!

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  4. Old things were definitely built to last, we live in such a throw away society these days, so glad the tv worked for you. You are absolutely inspiring, love how you find the positives in every week xx


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