Waving not drowning

Hello, I’m back! *Waves*. It’s a risk to say I’m feeling a little better – at least some of the time – but with any luck it might continue, and I might even do some ‘proper’ writing soon. The miserable posts I wrote in anger over the past two weeks are safely tucked away in drafts, and may never see the light of day. So this post is not about drowning in despair, but is instead a celebration of some of the deeply unexciting, but reasonably cheerful things that happened in the past two weeks…

Talking therapy with someone who already knows our situation (so I don’t have to go over it all again) seems to be helping a bit. At least it means I’m not dumping my worries on my friends…

My badly needed new phone – I’m always a bit intimidated by new phones, but I’m loving the fingerprint identification – so fast – and the battery life – so long. I don’t need an iPhone, so this is a budget option that looks like a good choice so far, apart from the camera, which is not very impressive!

Screen Shot 2018-02-16 at 09.29.16
Sunrise over Dublin 16.2.18


I’m reading a book – always a sign my mood has improved. It’s One Small Act of Kindness by Lucy Dillon, in case you’re interested, and there’s a great review of it here.

Two weeks ago I managed my first 10 kilometre run of 2018. Too slow, but a good start. Then I did another 10K with a friend, seven days later. Perhaps I’m back on track?

My smear test results came back clear, great reassurance for an awkward and uncomfortable few minutes at the GP surgery. Go do it, if you haven’t already!

An at home dinner with my eldest turned into an hour long chat – rare as our lives are both ridiculously busy. It was lovely. We also went to the cinema. This time to see the latest Maze Runner film – not something I would have chosen, but surprisingly enjoyable.

And finally, guess who has been arriving home every day full of happiness and joy, as though to make sure I keep my head above water?

For more reasons to be cheerful, head over to Lakes Single Mum.







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