Snow days

I don’t remember snow like this since 2010. And it wasn’t like this. Because didn’t life continued more or less as normal? No red alerts, no nasty beasties or curfews involved, no bread shortages either! At the risk of becoming one of those older people who says when I was young, when I was young we all tried to get to work or school unless we were completely snowed in: as a child who lived a 7 minute walk from school, I don’t recall ever having a day off due to snow. Apparently we are due an actual blizzard later today, and that is something to take seriously. But for now, the media messages look like overkill. Especially to those of us who are bemused that an inch or two of snow is causing more of a crisis here, than several feet would in other countries.

Yesterday the overnight snow began melting early in the morning so B and I decided to test the principle that there’s no such thing as bad weather, just inappropriate clothing. The ski jackets purchased from Lidl during the last big freeze, the waterproof shoes I invested in before Christmas, and B’s super warm, super dry GaryB blanket were all put on, and we headed out to potter around the local area and forage for milk.

B, Smiley, GaryB Blanket, snow, #sneachta, #TheBeastFromTheEast

At lunchtime the sun came out.

Sunshine, #theBeastfromtheeast

So I decided to bring B to a local shopping centre, for a wander. The media messages meant the roads were empty (hooray)…

Adverse weather conditions?

But they also meant many of the shops were closed due to ‘adverse weather conditions’.

CLosed shops

Luckily some were open, and they kept us entertained for an hour or so, plus we enjoyed a welcome coffee and cake at Costa.

It was a good day. A good snow day. Hopefully today will be the same.

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10 thoughts on “Snow days

  1. A snow day ending with coffee and cake can’t be bad. Take care through the blizzard – I suggest buying a cake to eat at home and brewing your own coffee for the duration. 🙂

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  2. Since falling on pack ice during the snow in 2010 and bashing my hip on the floor (which was *very* painful though it didn’t cause any lasting damage), I’ve always dreaded the coming of snow and was quite nervous about this bout of it. Here in London we didn’t get anything like as much snow as we had in 2010. That year I remember I had a delivery run round the M25 to Hatfield and back, and when I got back they told me I’d have to do another (which I hadn’t had to when I did that run before); I refused. They said fine; we’ll get someone else to do it, and I went home to bed. Next morning, there must have been 6 inches on the ground and every vehicle was making deep tracks through it. That’s what I call snow.

    And I remember big snows in the 1980s and early 90s; I remember going tobogganing with my Mum & sister and some other families we knew, perhaps, in Lloyd Park in Croydon. That wouldn’t have been possible with today’s snow round here. It’s barely an inch and a half thick. I drove over to Croydon this morning and back, and like you say, there was hardly anyone on the roads even though most of them were snow and ice-free.


  3. I know just what you mean! Why can we no longer deal with snowfall? I remember heavy heavy snow in the 80’s, we still went to school, my parents went to work and we walked everywhere, the snow up to our knees. A snow day with coffee and cake sounds perfect to me. Love B’s coat and as usual that wonderful smile xx


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