When you wake up tomorrow #RepealThe8th

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This is how my beautiful disabled daughter greets me most mornings when I wake up. She loves me and trusts me to protect her. And I will always do my best. But I cannot protect her from the provisions of the 8th Amendment to the Irish Constitution. Especially after I’m gone. It frightens me stupid that so many terrible things can happen to disabled children and adults when their carers can no longer care.

And if the worst should happen, and she is sexually abused and made pregnant, what happens then? In Ireland today the tiny beating heart of a foetus is more important than my living breathing daughter. Even though her body may not be able to cope with pregnancy. Even though her mind will not understand. Even though any child conceived may not survive.

Many on the anti repeal side keep saying that the 8th amendment does not affect healthcare, and perhaps it shouldn’t in theory. But in the real world, it does. Women’s lives have been turned upside down. Some have even died.

Will anyone notice if she gets raped and pregnant? Will anyone make sure she gets whatever medical treatment she needs. If she needs an abortion, will anyone take her to England risking a possible prison sentence of 14 years? Will the State even allow her to leave as she lacks capacity?

My beautiful happy trusting daughter will be dismissed as a hard case by the anti repeal side, a statistic, collateral damage in their war against abortion. Because she doesn’t matter to them, because some of them don’t love both, don’t care once a baby is born alive. Or even if it’s not.

So when you wake up tomorrow, please remember my daughter. Please vote yes to repeal the 8th amendment. Because the next hard case could be your sister, your mother, your partner or YOUR daughter.

And once the 8th has been repealed, let’s make a start on making Ireland the best place in the world to have a baby, the best place in the world to bring up children, and the best place in the world to be a parent. Let’s provide ALL the supports and services that families need. And watch the abortion rate drop. That’s how we should love both.

Apologies if you received this twice, I’m experiencing problems with wordpress.



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