Being cheerful about being over 55 (as I reach 56)

This was not an easy post to write😂😂

Life has changed since I wrote my optimistic birthday post of 2017, and I feel and look a lot older than I did back then: Perhaps my age is now showing, or perhaps the stress of the past 7 years – and especially the past 9 months – has finally caught up with me.

I stayed up late on June 19th, to eke out the last few hours of being 55, and my birthday began like any other day, apart from a couple of cards and presents (I have a very small family). But then I opened Facebook, and the birthday greetings began to roll in, and they really do make the day feel special. By teatime I had also acquired two beautiful bouquets of flowers, a thank you cake from a neighbour who just happened to drop it in today, and I’d also enjoyed a late and leisurely pancake breakfast with a friend. So that was good. No plans and no expectations. My birthday, my way.

Birthday Collage 2018

And that’s the main benefit of being over 55, I can give myself permission to do what I want (not forgetting all my caring duties of course!) and say no to people and pressures that I know I don’t need in my life any longer.

I can wear what I want. No-one really cares what I look like now, and my adopted uniform of black on black – with the occasional splash of colour – helps me to feel in control of my wardrobe at least.

And if you live in Dublin, there’s financial benefits too, including the Council’s Passport for Leisure Card*, which means I’m now going to a new gym for the bargain price of €8 a month!

If I think of any other benefits, I’ll definitely let you know. I’m all for having things to look forward to. And on that dubious grammatical note, I will end this birthday reasons to be cheerful. Have a great week xx

More Reasons to be Cheerful over at Lakes Single Mum.

*The Passport for Leisure Card provides discounts on a wide range of activities, not just gym membership




16 thoughts on “Being cheerful about being over 55 (as I reach 56)

    1. At €8 a month, I won’t feel under pressure to go when I don’t feel like it, just to get value out of the membership fee, that’s the biggest benefit 🙂 x


  1. You know I’m only 11 weeks younger than you. I’m feeling it too. I also feel it’s time to up the exercise and healthy diet, etc… Glad you had a good day on your birthday. I’ll also be wanting a my day-my way kind of birthday. Breakfast with a friend sounds perfect.

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  2. Ok I need to locate you on FB, I can’t believe I missed your birthday so “HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY”. I’m so glad FB gave you the birthday wishes (I quite like that too), you look absolutely gorgeous, you are a truly amazing lady and I’m so glad you had a good birthday, your way. Pancakes are always good 🙂 xxx

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