Being productive, being brave, and being cheerful

The house has been calmer this week, and that overwhelmed feeling is beginning to recede. I’m finally crossing items off the to do list, and even little things like finding the time to clean the cooker hood feels like progress.

I also began clearing the attic, as a small step towards my plan to downsize from this house. It was not a pleasant or easy job – lugging very dirty and dusty boxes through the attic hatch, down the step ladder and the stairs, and out to the shed – but it was satisfying. I was super cautious, and wore googles and a dust mask, so it’s just as well that no-one rang the doorbell! Then hidden among the boxes I found this…

Bridal headpiece hairband
Memories of a very significant and happy day! Even though it all went wrong later.

I said no to a few more requests this week, helping my productivity and reducing the guilt of not being available at home.

When I heard a radio ad for the 100th edition of Now That’s What I Call Music, I realised it would make a perfect unbirthday present for B. I could’ve added it to her gift list for October, but I wanted to get her a few treats. Just because.

We also raided Penneys (Primark in the UK) and B got a couple of T-shirts, and I bought a cute green jacket – the first time in ages I’ve bought something I wanted, but didn’t actually need.

Finally, I watched in amazement last Saturday as my social media filled up with images of blogging friends in swimwear. It was another tribute to Kate Sutton and a way to publicise a Go Fund Me for her sons. Obviously I was NOT going to do anything like that, or so I told myself over breakfast. By teatime I had my most popular Instagram post ever. I think Kate would’ve appreciated that, and it shows how many women were inspired by her positivity and bravery, and her impact will surely live on for many more years, and I think that’s a good enough reason to be cheerful for this week.

Swim wear
R2BC at Mummy from the Heart 

13 thoughts on “Being productive, being brave, and being cheerful

  1. I felt real empathy with you think week. Normally I am in awe of you but this week I felt empathy as I have done or am doing some of these type of things from decluttering to treating myself and organising my time to avoid overwhelm which is so destructive to our mental health. I love how you acknowledge the past in a positive way whatever went wrong afterwards – sign of a very beautiful soul and then of course that is matched as we now know by a gorgeous body too. Keep being you special lady! #R2BC

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  2. You look fantastic in your swimsuit and I was thrilled to see your lovely friend trending on twitter on the day of her funeral, I reckon she was looking down from above, gin in hand and loving it. What an amazing community of women bloggers who came together when needed, just awesome.

    Decluttering is good, very therapeutic and I certainly don’t do it enough.

    Now that’s what I call music 100!!!! I think I remember when 1 came out…there goes that time thing passing by too quickly xxx


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