The Cliff Edge

How did I ever find the time to write? I really don’t know any more, and I don’t know what is to become of this blog. The more things I cut out of my life, the more stuff is thrown my way. And that’s mixed with all the challenges that are not going away any time soon either. Sleep deprivation has recently been added to the mix, and I *may* have vented on social media as a safe way to handle the relentless pressure. But so far, every time I think this family is going to fall off the cliff edge, I have a good day, or even just a good few minutes. And that keeps me going for a little bit longer.

So what has cheered me up recently?

I’ve reduced my exercise schedule to four times a week, and one of those sessions is usually assisted running. Which means pushing B in her wheelchair. Many of you will know that we took part in the Alanna Russell Memorial 6K race on the  Sunday before last, and we both had a wonderful time at this superbly organised event in memory of a very special young girl who died last year.

Promises have been made and some action has been taken – B now has a Personal Assistant for 8 hours a month to bring her out on Sunday mornings. That’s a busy time for me, and now she will have something more entertaining to do than watching videos!

A home visit to test out a domestic lift and see how it works, and I can report that B had to ride up and down in it on her own, which only worried her at first. It’s a neat and unobtrusive solution that stores the lift in whichever room you are not using at the time. It can also be used to transport all sort of heavy stuff between floors, not just people in wheelchairs! It does mean that a two storey home really could work for us, though obviously not as well as a bungalow.

A lovely walk in the sunshine with a very good friend and the chance to test out the fare at the Gourmet Food company near Portmarnock.

Malahide Beach summer 2018

A Rainbow Junior Arch Club trip to Imaginosity, an interactive children’s museum in South Dublin, including a van disco on the way, with loads of dancing in the back! It wasn’t really suitable for B, but I was on duty for the Club and she enjoyed being my helper and watching all the children having a great time.

Imaginosity B collage

Hearing my daughter laughing with delight as she is wheeled up the path and home after another great day with her friends at the Central Remedial Clinic..

More reasons to be cheerful over at Lakes Single Mum.



12 thoughts on “The Cliff Edge

  1. I hope you don’t stop writing because I imagine it helps you as well as being a joy to your readers. However there are seasons to blogging and writing and that is OK. Love how with all your challenges you always manage to make magical memories which any sane person knows is all that actually matters in life. You have the most beautiful daughter. #R2BC

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    1. I don’t want blogging or writing to become a chore, or stale, so I plan to go with the flow, which may mean fewer posts for the next while, but I’m sure I’ll be back


  2. Imaginosity seems like the National Children’s Museum in Halifax. I went to an open evening for grown ups there in the autumn and it was great fun. (We weren’t treated to a mobile disco though!)

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  3. I hope you don’t stop writing either. You remind me to look for the positives and to celebrate all the little achievements. I also love to see the lovely smiling B on her many adventures.

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  4. I often wonder how you find the time to write. You are very good at it, I’d guess that even if you didn’t post on your blog you’d probably still write, you wouldn’t be able to stop yourself. That lift sounds so necessary, I hope it works out. Lovely photos, that first one looks like a tropical paradise!

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  5. I’m with you regarding the writing, I just don’t know where time goes to these days. It sounds like you’ve had an up and down time recently and yet you keep going, because you do. B’s smile in the photo’s is beautiful as ever and I love the part about hearing her laughing in delight. Whatever is happening you always find reasons to be cheerful and I love that. Write when you can xx

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      1. Yes I agree, sometimes it just helps to deal with things, feel more in control of the situation, when you write it down. It also helps enormously when you know that others can totally understand what you mean. That level of support is priceless xx


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