Real life is better

I still enjoy blogging, and I still enjoy social media, but both have changed hugely, and so has my life, and that means more online changes around here.

Probably less blogging. I have plenty of posts in draft, but I may never finish them, and I don’t want to put myself under that pressure either.

There will be more updates on the Facebook page, which you can find here if you’re not already following it:

I don’t like the recent changes to Facebook, especially the removal of the option to have friend lists, but it’s where most of my real life friends are, so it’s where I need to be. And I’m Facebook friends with almost all my online friends too.

I’ve mentioned before that Instagram was my new favourite place for a while until they changed the feed. Now I’m losing interest, so little of the activity feels genuine, except from my real friends. Who are on Facebook too!

Pinterest is my scrapbook and I ignore What’s App, Snapchat, Google Plus and the rest of them.

That just leaves Twitter: it’s chronological, and I can still use friend lists, but today the option to use hands free streaming (no scrolling required) on third party apps was removed, so I can no longer have it on in the background while I do other things. I had been chatting on Twitter more than anywhere else, and I loved catching all the breaking news. But that’s all ending as of now it seems.

Back to Facebook then. And that other old fashioned option – real life. I’m trying to reach out to my friends and meet them more often in real life. Because my love affair with social media has soured.

Real really is better. I get that now.




10 thoughts on “Real life is better

    1. Good point. For me, meeting up is a little easier these days as one is happy at home alone for a while, and I can bring B almost anywhere with me now she is 21 and very sociable – even nights out!

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  1. I value blogs and twitter precisely because it enables me to have conversations with people I will never meet. If we met in real life, maybe we would be great friends, maybe we would not get along at all, but by being able to ‘meet’ in this single-dimensional way we are able to learn and at times support each other from the stance where we have things in common without being distracted by the areas where we don’t.

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    1. You’re right, and I’ve valued many of the on line relationships that I’ve built over the years.

      But when life gets really tricky, as it is right now, I need to focus more on the people around me – some of whom I met online originally

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  2. I agree that real life friendships are so important. I get tired and low if I rely to heavily on social media to feed my need for connection. I didn’t know that Twitter had the option for no scrolling!

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    1. Tweetdeck updates the feed automatically, and the app Echofon does on iOS, though only intermittently now! Echofon was the reason I appeared to be on twitter so much, because I just watched my feed while I was doing stuff around the house 🙂


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