Reasons to be Cheerful 7.9.18

Once again I’ve been struggling to write anything positive. It feels false to suggest things are mostly fine here. When they’re really not. I don’t like presenting a misleading image to the world, that I’m a great mum who copes cheerfully with all the challenges faced by my daughter and son, when the truth is a little different, especially in relation to my youngest, who is still going through a very difficult patch.

But if I give up writing these posts, I may stop getting cheery reminders about them from Michelle and Becky. Even their weekly tweets force me to take stock and remember any good things that have happened.

So here’s a selection from the last while:

I’m still losing weight.

I finally downloaded the Calm App, and it’s helping me to go back to sleep when I’m worrying in the dark hours of the night.

The end of the summer means the professionals are back at their desks, and a trip to Accident and Emergency has galvanized the system to take action in relation to the needs of my two younger children. Hopefully we will see real results soon.

B now has a Personal Assistant for 8 hours a month on Sunday mornings. It’s a busy time for me, and now she can go out with her PA instead of watching videos.

Meeting a former neighbour by pure chance.  I hadn’t seen her for at least ten years and it was good to catch up.

R2BC at Mummy from the Heart 


13 thoughts on “Reasons to be Cheerful 7.9.18

  1. I’ve just realised that I included the news about the PA in the last reasons to be cheerful post I wrote – I really must organise my notes better!!!!


  2. Oh Candi, I’m really sorry that there is so much crap going on for you. I wish things could be easier. I have every admiration for the strength and love you show in regard to caring for your children and especially the ones with additional needs. I pray things turn a corner very soon. Mich x

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  3. That you find things to be positive about is inspiration in itself. I’ve wondered about the Calm App, it keeps coming up on my IG feed…perhaps it’s a sign, a positive one! xx


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