Reasons to be Cheerful 5.1.19

Okay, so my middle of the night Twitter meltdown is over for now, thanks to eldest minding the fort so I could do a parkrun on my own for once. I really appreciated the break from the worry of why the Irish Health Service will not help my youngest, and began to feel a bit more cheerful about the weekend ahead. And even though I’m struggling with a hip injury and sleep deprivation, I managed a reasonable time and came first in my age group πŸ˜€

fairview parkrun january 2019 #loveparkrun

In other good news, I began the year with three beds to choose from every night! Except I don’t really have a choice right now, but the thought is satisfying.

I may not get to gigs, but B and I always find the best free music events, like this excellent guitar band we stopped to listen to on Dublin’s O’Connell street. Judging by her reaction, B thinks they should be big stars one day. Now why didn’t I take a note of their name?

guitar band

On Wednesday B started back at her young adult programme, and my gym opened up for the new year, and then on Thursday, finally, her new hoist arrived. No more spinning round and round or stubbed toes for B, and it’s portable, so that’s part one of operation escape for the weekend in place. Β More on that to follow, hopefully!

Head over to Lakes Single Mum for more reasons to be cheerful.


8 thoughts on “Reasons to be Cheerful 5.1.19

  1. Are we back? I’d better get to it then. I’ve been very lazy about the blog this past month. The new hoist sounds wonderful. I hope it makes your life easier. xxx

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  2. First in your age? That’s pretty impressive! Totally convinced I’d always be last, even if it was just me running πŸ˜‰ Three beds, isn’t that a little greedy?! Good luck with Operation Escape πŸ™‚ x

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    1. (It probably was just me in my age group πŸ˜‚) Operation Escape is slowly coming together, and I will definitely share an update if I pull it off πŸ˜€


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